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Religious Education (CCD)

St. Luke Parish Office of Catechetical Services for Children and Youth, also known as, Office of Religious Education and Faith Formation for Children and Youth, is designed to provide a variety of opportunities for enrichment, education, and spiritual renewal for our culturally diverse parish community. Our catechetical staff and catechists are directly responsible for teaching Catholic doctrine in word and living example.


We work collaboratively with our Pastor and Associate Pastor to provide essential catechetical formation for the children and youth of our parish. In the words of our beloved +Pope John Paul II in Catechesi Tradendae, “Catechesis is to develop, with God’s help, an as yet initial faith, and to advance in fullness and to nourish day by day the Christian life of the faithful.” Our efforts to form children and youth in Christian faith, is joined by the efforts of the parents and guardians of these same children and youth. Mutually with other ministries within our parish community, we strive to develop and promote spiritually healthy parish families.


The richness of our multi-cultural Catholic community necessitates catechetical programs and studies in English and Spanish. We have bilingual English/Spanish staff readily available to provide catechesis for our ever growing parish community.